‘One of the most prevalent contributors on my healing journey. I swear by it.’

Steph Shreeve

STEPHANIE SHREEVE opens up about how Whole Body Cryotherapy has been a life-changing tool that has contributed to her own healing journey, through a number of health challenges including: chronic Lyme disease, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, leaky gut, acne, psoriasis, depression and anxiety. Read her inspiring story, ahead.

My first Whole Body Cryotherapy session could be described as a scene from a science fiction novel. I was provided protective gear, i.e. socks, shoes, and gloves. I was then instructed to choose a song, walk into the Cryo Chamber and breathe my way through the nippy but tolerable three-minute extravaganza. Now, 15 consecutive sessions later I skip in and dance out of the Cryo Chamber on a natural high.

With the intention of striving to achieve an optimum state of being, the benefits of Cryotherapy are enormous: reduced inflammation, enhanced deep/dreamy sleeps, elevated mood, brain power/mental alertness, hormone balancer, vigilance, as well as collagen and antioxidant synthesis.

We are designed to feel so amazing and yet most aren’t aware of this. Because I have reaped epic benefits in my health and overall wellbeing from using whole body cryotherapy, it feels like an absolute disservice not to share with you – why you’re loco for not giving it a go.

I appreciate my diagnoses with Lyme disease and broken auto immune system everyday, as it has forced me to be my own guinea pig and uncover tools that are capable of working wonders for healing pain that no one deserves to experience.

Alchemy Cryo has become one of the most prevalent contributors on my healing journey. I swear by it. 

When you've lost all self control due to every organ being poisoned with parasites, co infections and toxic overloads. And, you're left bed ridden with crippling arthritis, anxiety and depression. It’s safe to say, you start to appreciate feeling good in a whole new light.

Long gone are the days we turn to medication, prescriptions and drugs for disease. At Alchemy Cryo, Whole Body Cryotherapy is a 110% holistic and safe treatment. I believe in this healing freezing agent so whole heartedly and am such a proud advocate for all of its euphoric health benefits it provides anyone in need.

You don't need a rock bottom episode to cryo either, mind you. You could just respect and love yourself enough to want to live the best you can. That’s Alchemy Cryo.

If you're in a similar mindset of – life is too short to just exist and you want to evolve, Whole Body Cryotherapy is for you! 

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