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State of the Art German Technology

Our MECOTEC advanced cryotherapy systems for the Whole Body and Face, are precision engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of quality in Germany. This is the safest and most innovative technology available on the market today as the cold air is generated using electricity as opposed to Liquid Nitrogen systems.

With our world-leading technology, you’ll provide the optimum cryotherapy treatment for the Whole Body and Face. You’ll help people to achieve the most effective results in a safe and efficient manner.

Gain the following benefits of our state of the art technology:

Superior Results, compared to Partial Body Cryotherapy and Liquid Nitrogen systems:

  • Maintain constant air temperature.
  • Induce a greater cooling effect.
  • Provide a uniform skin temperature reduction.
  • Achieve a larger stimulation of the Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Achieve a significantly greater physiological response.

Superior Technology:

  • Safest system available.
  • Comfortable cold experience, due to music system and spacious interior.
  • User-friendly, fully automated and easy to operate.
  • Very high reliability and low noise emission.
  • Low operating cost compared to Liquid Nitrogen systems.
  • Can be used by multiple clients at one time.
  • Two multi-chamber options available, including:
    • Single (room) Chamber: 1-2 clients, or
    • Double (room) Chamber: 1-4 clients

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Proven System AND Procedures

Right here is where you get a head start! During your Franchisee Induction Program, we expose you to our innovative systems and proprietary procedures. We give you the tools to start-up with ease and help put you on the fast track to operating successfully – so that you can focus on helping people to transform their lives and have fun along the way.

Gain the following benefits of our proven systems and procedures:

  • Access to tried and tested systems.
  • Access to proprietary procedures, which includes our unique “Face Cryotherapy” treatment which has been systematically developed and proven to achieve immediate yet cumulative results.
  • Complete turnkey package, which includes lease negotiations as well as site selection, design and build.
  • End-to-end marketing and advertising support.
  • Full suite of marketing materials and brand assets.

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Full Training and support

Here, you’ll be part of the growing Alchemy community. We support you every step of the way through ongoing learning and development opportunities. So you can master your own potential. We achieve this through a combination of innovative learning approaches, coaching and on-site training.

Alchemy is a special community: strong, obsessed and intellectually curious. We’re a unique brand, and we’re looking for forward thinking and positive minds that share our commitment to a preventive and proactive approach to health.

Gain the following benefits of our full training and support:

  • Join the growing Alchemy community and have fun transforming peoples lives in a supportive and positive environment.
  • Franchisee Induction Program, which includes on-site training.
  • Evolving and ongoing training for Alchemy systems and procedures.
  • Online Learning Hub, which includes a full suite of step-by-step information you need to get started and assist your growth.
  • Full time online support desk.