The ATP CHARGER Light Pod delivers specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared LED light to your whole body in order to increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - the energy currency of life.




Scientifcally, how does the ATP Charger work?

The ATP Charger, powers your cells to enhance energy and self-repair.

It does this by shining visible red and near-infrared light onto your skin which is then absorbed by the mitochondria in your cells and converted into cellular energy called ‘ATP’- the power source of life itself.

This process also releases the nitric oxide that is clogged in the mitochondria helping to expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation, which means more oxygen can reach your brain, heart, and other vital organs.

It all takes place within your cells, but you can experience the benefits in so many ways.

What is the ATP Charger experience like?

The ATP Charger is a relaxing experience. You may feel a slight warmth due to blood circulation.

Are there any side effects to using the ATP Charger?

Over 400 clinical studies in the field of Photobiomodulation have demonstrated that there are no known negative side effects of using red and near-infrared light therapy within the optimal range of wavelengths. However, if you're concerned about potential side effects, please consult with your doctor.

Are there any instances when I shouldn't use the ATP Charger?

Yes, it is not recommended to use the ATP Charger during pregnancy as there is insufficient clinical literature at this time. If you're concerned with any other instances, please consult with your doctor.

Is the ATP Charger safe?

The ATP Charger is non-invasive. It simply uses specific wavelengths of Red and Near Infrared LEDs.

Is the ATP Charger effective?

The ATP Charger has been designed to deliver red light at 660 nm, near-infrared light at 850 nm. These specific wavelengths of light have been scientifically proven in hundreds of clinical studies to provide the most effective results.

How does the ATP Charger differ to an infrared sauna?

The ATP Charger is not a sauna. The ATP Charger has been designed to deliver near-infrared light which does not heat the body. In contrast to a sauana which uses far-infrared.