Why Your Whole Body Loves Cryo

Alchemy Cryo

As the cold transforms your physiology, your whole body thrives. Here’s why...

At Alchemy Cryo, Whole Body Cryotherapy involves the brief exposure of electrically cooled air to your entire body including your head. Therefore, giving you a significantly greater level of cooling and activation of your autonomic nervous system. Why is this great news? Let’s break it down.

In 3 minutes, the cold air exposure dramatically lowers your skin surface temperature. This activates your autonomic nervous system, which has the important task of regulating the functions of your internal organs such as the heart, stomach and intestines. And, stimulates your body's natural fight­-or­-flight stress response.

Trust in the innate and adaptive response of the human body.

Not all stress is bad for you! The difference between a ‘good’ stressor and a ‘bad’ stressor is that at the right dose, you can bounce back from the ‘good’ more resilient than before. Your time in the Cryo Chamber is short thus the fight-or-flight response is a ‘good’ stress with hormetic benefits for your body. Good stress (also referred to as eustress) can include numerous activities from exercise to fasting, heat stress (e.g. sauna) and cold stress (e.g. cryotherapy and ice-baths). These small dose ‘stressors’ have been proven to promote good health, energy and longevity. As for Cryotherapy in particular, the list of hormetic benefits include improved brain function, sleep quality, immune function, metabolism, antioxidant activity, athletic performance, collagen production and reduced inflammation. Thus, your whole body will thank you for taking care of it with Cryotherapy.

Achieve an optimum state of self in – mind, health and performance.

Research has shown that many of the physiological benefits of Cryotherapy are thanks to the robust release of norepinephrine into your bloodstream and brain. Translation: Norepinephrine is not only a hormone but also a neurotransmitter, which is directly linked to vigilance, focus, attention, cognitive ability, energy and mood. And, has profound effects on metabolism, inflammation and pain. Ultimately, an increase of norepinephrine = one happy body.

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