‘I love it because I just feel like I’m re-energising my body and mind every time.’

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As Head Coach & Co-Founder of Evolving Physiques, HILAL HUSSEYIN trains 7 days a week - ‘for lifestyle, for strength, for self love, for self empowerment, for expression, for confidence, for credibility’. Now, she reflects on her first Alchemy Cryo memory and how she recently experienced: 7 days of Whole Body Cryotherapy - including a Double Session plus a mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) Session.

1. I discovered Alchemy Cryo…

In September 2017.

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2. My first Alchemy Cryo memory…

I was nervous but sooo curious, all I knew was that I was about to step into -110°C with 80% of my body completely exposed. I remember opening the door for the first chamber and feeling this instant cold air thinking this is not too bad, then suddenly I hear “open door to the next chamber”, I thought here goes, I counted to 3 and then I remember holding my breath like I was about to jump into a pool or something, I stepped inside and It was cold, real cold! At first I had trouble breathing but I remember looking at Nitel and her visually cueing me to breathe which helped a lot. Then the music just took over and the 2 minutes and 50 seconds was over just like that. All I remember was feeling super fresh afterwards and thought, yep I’m coming back to give this another go!

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3. Why I love to Cryo…

I love it because I just feel like I’m re-energising by body and mind every time. I think I’m addicted to that feeling just as the door opens and you take that step outside of the chamber.

4. Why I decided to do 7 consecutive days of Whole Body Cryo…

For the challenge and the discipline that would come with it. I was also curious to see what the effects would be by doing consecutive days in a row. 

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5. On Day 1, I felt…


6. ON DAY 7, I felt…

Re-energised x A LOT … my skin especially, felt incredible!

7. Before I entered the Cryo Chamber, I typically felt…

Ready to go!

8. After I exited the Cryo Chamber, I typically felt… 

FANTASTIC! It’s my favourite part of the whole 3 minutes!

 9. My favourite benefits of completing 7 days OF WHOLE BODY Cryo...

In terms of benefits, knowing I’ve helped improve oxygen and nutrient circulation, increase my collagen production (especially in my face, my skin is absolutely glowing), boost metabolism, promote anti-inflammatory responses and the mental clarity, feeling super energised and switched on!  

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10. My favourite benefits of a Double Cryo session…

Mental clarity and reducing inflammation.

11.  My favourite benefits of a mHBOT session followed by a Cryo session…

I have no issues sleeping but I found that I had deeper sleep that night.

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12. My favourite Cryo Song(s) during the 7 Days…

  • Cardi B – I Like It

  • Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ & The Way You Make Me Feel.

13. My Pro ‘Cryo’ TipS…

  1. For a first timer: BE PRESENT and just visualise all the healing that is happening to your mind & body.

  2. When you turn into a cryo lover just like me: BE STILL for that extra UMPH!!

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14. The Alchemy Cryo mantra that inspires me:

a) Transform Your Physiology,

b) Maximise Your Time, or

c) Optimise Your Life.


15. My nutrition regime during the 7 Days…

I usually have 1 coffee per day during the week, however, decided to completely eliminate all caffeine from my diet during the 7 days. Really wanted to use this commitment as a body and mind re-boot! 1st to 7th day I kept drinking my filtered water with fresh lemon and himalayan salt throughout the day, paired with organic veggies, fruits, fats and protein.

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16. My training regime during the 7 Days…

My usual 7 days of training was continued: 5 days of weight training, 1 day of pilates and 1 day of hip hop dancing. Averaging between 10,000 – 12,000 steps per day.

Strength Training .png

17. Early bird or night owl?

A night owl by heart that has morphed into an early bird for work purposes.

18. My favourite book(s) and/or blog(s)?

I have so many, but the ones that have been truly life changing for me are the following and in this order:

  1. The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

  2. Relentless by Tim S. Grover.

  3. Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.

19. My favourite Podcast(s) and/or YouTube Channel(s)?

I watch and listen to a lot of Anthony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Don Tolman, Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin, Joe Rogan & Aubrey Marcus.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast.png

20. When I’m not at Alchemy Cryo, you can find me…

You can find me at our home of GROWTH, STRENGTH and COURAGE, EVOLVING PHYSIQUES, which is Co-Owned and Directed by my AMAZING partner & best-friend, Patrick Hong and I. Or dancing around singing whatever comes to my heart, or watching some epic animal documentary, animals are just so fascinating or checking Will Smith’s Instagram. I LOVE WILL SMITH!  

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