'I love the fact while the meditation & relaxation is going on via the BrainTap program, the NormaTec boots are physically working on my body.'

Kirsty Hutton - Reboot Pod at Alchemy   Read:  Alchemy Reboot  on  Medium

Kirsty Hutton - Reboot Pod at Alchemy

Read: Alchemy Reboot on Medium

KIRSTY HUTTON takes us through her first REBOOT at Alchemy. She is one of Today’s Alchemist’s. She is part of our Alchemy family. And, It’s our honour to share her experience, ahead…

Alchemy Cryotherapy has grown beyond the cryotherapy in the title. It’s fast becoming the body and brain optimisation centre in Melbourne, and their latest edition, the Reboot, takes things to a gloriously peaceful new level.

I was lucky enough to experience the Reboot before it was open to the public, and let me tell you, it’s cool enough to earn a regular half-hour place in my busy schedule. I hadn’t researched the science of this one before trying it, so this article is more about the experience rather than any proven benefits. (Spoiler alert: From this girl’s experience, it’s awesome.)

Three technologies working for you

The Reboot hits you from different angles to take you into a deep state of relaxation, both physically and mentally.

The first thing is the actual Pod. You jump in, lie back and the door slides down to give you a break from the outside world. There are a couple of small two-way mirrors so you can see out, but you’re in privacy. Inside the pod you’re wearing NormaTec boots and a BrainTap headset, so you kind of look like you’re about to embark on a space mission.

The NormaTec boots alone are amazing. You’re zipped into some giant leg warmers that resemble the lower half of a space suit. I’m 166cm (5’4”), and the boots covered my feet and full legs. Once the session is underway, different chambers of the boots fill with air and it’s like an intense massage without the awkward small-talk.

Apparently there’s science behind the way the boots work and they assist with lymphatic drainage. I haven’t had a chance to research that myself yet, so I won’t comment on that aspect, but the feel of the boots is divine. For the half hour session, pressure increases and decreases throughout my feet and legs in a systematic way. Even though the boots aren’t directly impacting my back, within five minutes I feel my hips and back relax, almost like there is now more space between my bones.

But that might be related to the BrainTap effect…

While the boots are working their magic and the pod lets you lie back and relax, the BrainTap headset takes things to a new level. I’d enjoy the experience without the headset, but it would be a different experience for me. I’d take the physical benefits of the systematic compression on my legs, and the privacy of the pod, but most likely combine it with reading a book or catching up on work. That is, not actually relaxing.

I’m terrible at meditation. I go through stages where I try to get into that deep state of relaxation, but generally all I achieve is a deep state of making my to-do list. Guided meditation or hypnosis is a little better, but I’m all for trying something that makes slipping into that relaxed state even easier.

If you’re skeptical, the BrainTap will be the thing that makes your eyes roll, but it clearly falls into my favourite category of “can’t hurt, might help” things so I’m all for it. It’s a set of headphones with an attached visor that comes down in front of your eyes. There are lights in both, so throughout the session your closed eyes detect flashing and changing lights, and apparently the lights in your ears help too.

Again, I’m not completely across the science of this, but I do recall reading some research about how light impacts sleep and brain waves. I also once met a well-respected and highly researched psychiatrist who swore by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy for treating PTSD. (That’s where people look at dots moving left and right across a screen.) So I’m happy to accept that eye movement and light have some impact on the brain.

Along with the lights, there’s an audio track that plays through the headphones. You can choose from a range of meditation or hypnosis-like sessions from enhancing creativity, improving sleep, impacting health, reducing stress and a few others. I went with a basic relaxation one, but I’m keen to try the others. The tone of voice and background beats are also supposed to help you relax. It seemed to work.

The verdict

I definitely entered a state of deep relaxation in the Reboot, and fairly quickly. Perhaps it was because I looked like I was in a spacesuit I made the connection, but at times throughout the session I had a sensation of floating and weightlessness.

Logically I know the meditation and relaxation aspect alone would benefit me, but as a busy person who has time for that? (Yes, yes, I know. If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour you should meditate for two. I’m working on it.)

I love the fact while the meditation and relaxation is going on via the BrainTap program, the NormaTec boots are physically working on my body. It seems like a very efficient use of my time.

Without a doubt I’ll be trying the Reboot again. The fact it lives at the same place as my favourite Cryotherapy Chamber is just a bonus. While I don’t have time to add half hour to every cryo session (I go two or three times a week), I think I’ll aim to include a Reboot session at least every second weekend.

Kirsty Hutton

Originally published on Medium

Kirsty Hutton - Reboot Pod at Alchemy   Read:  Alchemy Reboot  on  Medium

Kirsty Hutton - Reboot Pod at Alchemy

Read: Alchemy Reboot on Medium

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