‘I noticed I was training longer sessions after using the Cryo then ATP [Charger].’

Photography by William Lu,    W.L Fight Photography

Photography by William Lu, W.L Fight Photography

Professional Mixed Martial Artist, KAAN OFLI secured a first-round submission win by rear naked choke just one minute into his bout at HEX Fight Series 18. He shares how he optimised his performance with an elite combination of Whole Body Cryotherapy followed by the ATP Charger at Alchemy. Here’s his inspiring story . . .

1. CONGRATULATIONS on your first-round submission win at Hex Fight Series 18! How does it feel?

It feels great to get a quick finish and be able to return straight back into training.

2. As a Professional Fighter, what do you love about Mixed Martial Arts?

I love everything about the mental and physical aspect to the sport. I love challenging myself, love learning new skills and ways to make me a better athlete.

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3. What do you love about being based based in Bali (Bali MMA) and Melbourne (Absolute MMA)?

Melbourne is home, I’m training out of 5 locations at Absolute MMA where i have access to so many training partners. On the other hand the other side of me is an island boy, I love being on an island being able to train with some amazing people all day everyday.

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4. How did you discover Alchemy Cryo?

Before using Alchemy as my recovery destination I used to use Floatation Tanks, that’s where I met the amazing Nitel and Jules. These guys have been onto health and recovery for years now and expanded.

5. What keeps you coming back to Alchemy Cryo?

The fact that I can get treated and feel multiple times better after using the Cryo/ATP/Oxygen in under an hour is amazing. I kinda love the thrill of being in the cold cryotherapy and challenging my mind.

Kaan Ofli Whole Body Cryo at Alchemy Cryotherapy.JPG

6. Why do you love to Cryo?

It’s efficient and the results speak for itself. The anti inflammatory benefits would be my favourite.

7. What was your favourite protocol at Alchemy in the lead up to the fight?

Fight week: I used the Cryotherapy and ATP combination Monday to Wednesday, Weigh in Thursday, Compete Friday.

Kaan Ofli ATP Charger at Alchemy Cryo.JPG

8. How did the combination of Cryo and ATP Charger impact your recovery and performance in the lead up to the fight?

I noticed I was training longer sessions after using the Cryo then ATP. The benefits would last up to 4-6 hours for me - feeling relaxed and being able to think clearly.

Kaan Ofli ATP Charger at Alchemy Cryotherapy.PNG

9. Pro Cryo Tip?

I think my biggest tip would be to focus on your breathing. This was one thing I noticed I wasn't doing, I used to just breathe irregularly and I didn’t allow myself to relax.

 10. Favourite Cryo Song(s)?

'Soco' by Starboy.

11. How did you feel on fight day? How did the combination of Cryo and ATP Charger impact your performance?  

There’ s always nerves on fight day, but I was able to retain it all. I would say this was the most relaxed state i’ve felt my body and mind be in right before a fight. My mind was sharp and I knew my body was in great condition to go out there to perform, which resulted in a 1 minute submission win.

12. Whether it’s Whole Body Cryotherapy or Professional Fighting, you remain composed under pressure. How do you prime your mind to master your potential?

This is something I’ve been working on for years, I believe in blocking out negative energy and thoughts. Using affirmations to change my state of mind or to help block out any other thoughts that stop you from doing something.
Being composed under pressure requires patience, a few things i do to prepare my mind is yoga.

13. Professional Fighting requires a strong will to dig deep and persevere against challenging obstacles. What motivates you?

I motivate myself, to always do better. A quote I came across recently: If you’re the best in the room, you’re the best in the world.

14. Amazing! So what’s next?

The goal is to get a UFC contract. I am going to ride this wave, I’m negotiating my next fight for June, this one should be a very exciting fight. Then we will see from there.

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