‘I was pushing hard in the gym and these [cryo] sessions did help put my body and mind back in place.’

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IFBB Mr Victoria, RYAN UNDERWOOD shares how Whole Body Cryotherapy is needed in order to keep his body primed for heavy weight training. Read his inspiring story, ahead.

1. CONGRATULATIONS on winning the Mr Victoria title at the 2017 International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness IFBB) State Bodybuilding Championships and placing 3rd in Australia!  What inspired you to compete?

Always been active playing sports growing up and bodybuilding caught my eye.  
The idea of a sport where all the results and victories are based around your own decisions and actions and not relying on other team mates.  I liked this. If I do well, the rewards are mine, if I don’t do as well then it’s up to me and me only to rectify them moving forward. 

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2. How did you prepare your mind to compete?

Vision. Visualising the end destination is key. If I can see in my head what I want to look like then I simply follow the steps to get there.

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3. How did you prepare your body to compete? 

Cryo haha. I warm up regularly, I foam roll, I do yoga, I do all the things needed in order to keep my body primed for all the heavy weight training. Training was 6, sometimes 7 days a week with weights and cardio. 

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4. How did you discover Alchemy Cryo? 

From my good friend, Mike Hulsi. 

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5. How did Whole Body Cryo help you to prepare for your competition? 

Recovery and mental head space.  Mentally standing in the cold for that long, especially doing doubles haha.  It also reduced inflammation and swelling etc. I was pushing hard in the gym and these sessions did help put my body and mind back in place. 

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6. Single Session and/or Double Session?

Double.. but in the final weeks before the show it was a single.. body fat very low haha. 

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7. Pro Cryo Tip? 

Cover your nipples.

8. Favourite Cryo Song(s)? 

In the end. Linkin park.

9. Favourite post-Cryo snack or meal? 

I think it was always chicken and rice… standard haha. 

 10. Which Alchemy mantra inspires you? 

a) Transform Your Physiology, 

b) Maximise Your Time, or 

c) Optimise Your Life.

c) optimise my life

11. Any obstacles you had to overcome during your competition preparation? 

Quite a few. Business went through a rebranding due to trade mark issues.  I tore a muscle in my abdomen 14 weeks out and could not squat, bench or deadlift. Made things difficult.

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12.  What kept you motivated during your competition preparation? 

Winning. That end result.  I knew I had great shape for my division, as long as I put in the work and dieted how I should then I knew in my heart I would win.

13. What are your top tips for someone preparing for their first competition? 

Get a coach. Consistency is key.  Stick to the diet, stick to the training. Follow the process to a T. 

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14. What’s your best advice for competition-day? 

Relax and enjoy it, you’re not in that good of shape all the time. Relish it. If you stress about certain things on the day then your body will change and hold water etc. you will look smooth and flat and all that hard work will be for nothing.

15. Favourite part of winning the IFBB Mr Victoria title? 

Satisfaction of finally achieving a 10 year dream/goal.

16. Most meaningful lesson(s) you have gained from the experience? 

Consistency in life will get you want you want. Gym, business, relationships etc.

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17. Amazing! What’s next for you? (e.g. growing Bare Bros Co, coaching, training, any future competitions, etc.)

No more comps anymore unfortunately that time has come and gone. Will continue to grow Bare Bros to something special, Start a family.  All the adult grown up things now haha.

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