‘I went alone for my first cryotherapy session yet I felt like I was sharing the experience with a friend.’

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Boxer, Trainer and Co-Owner of 12RND Fitness in Port Melbourne & Point Cook - TIFFANEE COOK reflects on her First Alchemy Cryo experience. Though she ‘hates the cold and doesn’t tolerate it well’ she shares why she loves to Cryo, what keeps her coming back to Alchemy and more.

1. How did you discover Alchemy Cryo?

I googled cryotherapy around the area, stumbled across the Alchemy Cryo Instagram and simply couldn’t resist getting around the full chamber experience… those videos of people emerging from the chamber looking all space age were too much and I wanted in on the action too!

2. Tell us about your first Alchemy Cryo experience…

Aaaah, my first visit to Alchemy Cryotherapy. An experience enhanced by the warm reception from the effervescent Nitel who clearly loves what she does and exudes an energy that makes you thrive on the experience you've just walked into even more... So in I strolled with a surface body temperature of 36°C about to step into a chamber in my knickers and some fluffy mittens for 3 minutes at BELOW -110°C. I'll step out of there with a surface body temperature of 6°C. Feeling AH-MAZING... In there my pituitary gland will dump a stack of endorphins into my system, leaving me feeling euphoric and alive as oxygen rich blood gushes to every cell in my body.

3. First Cryo Song?

Shallow, Lady Gaga 

4.  How did Whole Body Cryotherapy transform your physiology?

Increased healing, decreased inflammation, increased recovery, decreased pain and fatigue. Can you get a better result from anything in a mere three minutes?!? I think not!

5. At what moment, did you know you love to Cryo?

The moment I was greeted at reception by Nitel.  Every part of the Alchemy experience is polished but it was the enthusiasm that matched mine which made all the difference.  I went alone for my first cryotherapy session yet I felt like I was sharing the experience with a friend, a very cool and unexpected surprise. (pardon the pun)

6. Our human physiology has far more potential than we realise! Walking into the Cryo Room (below -110°C for 3 minutes), means trusting in the innate and adaptive response of your body. What did you discover about yourself?

I hate the cold and don’t tolerate it well, at all.  Having done ice baths in Thailand and cold showers at home I thought I knew what I was in for…  Wrong.  Willingly stepping into the -110 degree chamber barely clothed doesn’t take your breath away or shock the nervous system the way jumping even just waist deep in the Bay does. The atmosphere surrounding the experience at Alchemy really enhances your ability to connect the mind and body and absorb all the psychological and physiological benefits up for grabs.

7. What keeps you coming back to Alchemy Cryo?

As an amateur boxer, a business owner & trainer I ask the most out of my body and my mind. The performance benefits of cryotherapy undeniably speak for themselves and the Alchemy experience is unsurpassed.

8. Any advice for future first-timers?

Bring a pal, pick a great song and get excited… you are going to LOVE it!

9. Which Alchemy mantra inspires you most, and why?

a) We take control of and improve our own human physiology, 

b) We commit to a preventive and proactive approach to health, or

c) We prime our body and mind to master our own potential.  

c) Because I love the mind, body connection and thrive on the idea of mastering our potential.

10. Congratulations, on your exciting launch of 12RND Fitness in Port Melbourne and Point Cook! What motivates you?

THANK YOU!!  I am beyond excited, passionate and proud to be launching these two new clubs.  12RND Fitness is a thriving boxing and strength concept (fast growing in the world right now, in fact) which just so happens to encompass everything that sets my soul on fire when it comes to boxing – and boy I could talk about such things for hours.  12RND wraps it all up into a simple, structured and seamless package which appeals to the absolute beginner & elite athlete alike with an unrivalled level of flexibility and simplicity that is perfect for todays overcomplicated and overcommitted lifestyle.

What motivates me is the insatiable desire to grow, learn and lead.  I thrive on pushing limits and stepping out of my comfort zone.  Because this sport in particular (boxing) proved to me, in no uncertain terms, that great things come to those who go ahead and do just that! 

Not only am I extremely grateful to be building a business that incorporates my greatest passion, but to be doing so with such exceptionally talented yet down to earth business partners - Murray Lees (Co-founder of Australia’s largest mortgage broking aggregator) and Levi Greenwood & Taylor Adams (Collingwood AFL Superstars).  Partners who, aside from also being legends to work with, through each of their previous achievements in business & sport bring to the table experience, ethics and attributes which will see our Team 12RND Port Melbourne & Point Cook create something truly special for our members.

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Catch TIFFANEE COOK via Instagram and train with her online or at 12RND Fitness in Port Melbourne & Point Cook.

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