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'I’m all about using the best technology and resources available to me.'

Captain of Essendon Football Club, DYSON HEPPELL is highly regarded as a ‘star Bomber midfielder’ and, simultaneously a ‘true leader in every sense of the word’. His open mind, perseverance, resilience, inner-strength, courage, authenticity and humility - inspires us all. He primes his body and mind to master his own potential. Discover the inspirational voice of Dyson Heppell in - ‘Finding My Peak Level’ - on PlayersVoice. Here’s a mere glimpse…

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'The more we look at our health in a proactive way the better our long-term outcomes are. It’s self-empowerment really. It’s my body.'

DIANNE MCGRATH is not only an Astronaut Candidate for the Mars One - Human Settlement of Mars. But, an incredibly inspiring human with a beautiful soul that emanates all that we believe in and aspire towards. Learn more about her story in - Part I: United Humanity & Part II: Humanity 2.0 - of her remarkable photographic documentary by Agent Morphe.

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‘The recovery aspect of my muscles and joints after distance running was amazing.’

LEIGH MOULDEN adds the 2018 Run Melbourne 10k event to his long list of races! He shares how Alchemy helped him feel like he “could’ve gone for a 10km run 2 days after” finishing a marathon and continues to support him pre and post long-distance running. Plus, his top tips for those that want to give long-distance running a shot…

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