‘The recovery aspect of my muscles and joints after distance running was amazing.’


LEIGHT MOULDEN adds the 2018 Run Melbourne 10k event to his long list of races! He shares how Alchemy helped him feel like he “could’ve gone for a 10km run 2 days after” finishing a marathon and continues to support him pre and post long-distance running. Plus, his top tips for those that want to give long-distance running a shot…

1. How did you first discover Alchemy Cryo?

Caught Alchemy Cryo via an old friend from my DJ days, Thanks Andy Murphy!

2. What was your first Alchemy Cryo memory?

Cold but invigorating. It was post half marathon (Run Melb) in July of 2017.

3. What kept you coming back?

The recovery aspect of my muscles & joints after distance running was amazing. It complimented well with other prehab/rehab in foam rolling & stretching and the occasional remedial massage.

Whole Body Cryo Leigh.PNG

4. What are your favourite song(s) to Cryo to?

Love my Australian acts (Diesel, INXS, Jimmy Barnes) but an old favourite is Forgot About Dre. Key to cryo song choice is finding one that’s around 3:40mins long, perfect timing!

5. CONGRATULATIONS, you recently completed the ASICS 10KM RUN at the 2018 Melbourne Marathon Festival! What inspired you to run?

I thought I’d take a step back after doing 2 half marathons and the marathon at the 2017 festival.

6. How did you get into running? How many races have you completed?

I’ve always enjoyed running and think my first fun-run would’ve been one of the early Run4Kids. That’s a great run with views in around the CBD and across the Bolte.. In 2017 I took part in 8 of various distances (8k, 15k, 21.1k & 42.2k) and over then years that’s probably tallied up to a range of 30-40. For me running is some good downtime and thinking time. Something where you’re always looking forward and have an awareness of what’s happening around you. Strange as it may sound, I find it relaxing.

7. Tell us about your training schedule in the lead up to the race?

I did mainly boxing/circuit based training with only a few runs as I was lacking the time unfortunately.

8. How did Alchemy Cryo support your training? What are your favourite benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy?

I started going the day before a run and then within the hours of completing a run and found it benefited greatly (along with the other prehab/rehab mentioned above) for anti-inflammation and alertness.  As an aside, my wife has psoriatic arthritis in her hands and I managed to drag her in for a Cryo session and she did see some improvements in the days after.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Leigh .jpg

9. Tell us about the day before the race. What did you love most about your mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) + Cryo combination?

mHBOT was something new for me to try so what better than a day before a race! It was one of the most relaxing hours I’ve had and surprisingly quick. My heart rate lowered than it would whilst sleeping so the Cryo afterwards hit another level!

mHBOT Leigh.png

 10. Tell us about your post-race recovery. How did you feel after your Cryo + ATP Charger (Red & Near Infrared LED Light Therapy) combination?

Again the inflammation assistance with both and rejuvenation of skin within the LED therapy. I’ve had LED therapy during face treatments however this was great as an all over.

Red Light Therapy Leigh.PNG

11. How did you go on race day? What was it like? 

I was happy with my time given lack of running in the weeks leading up to it. It did give me confidence that I could break a 20min time for a 5km run and also get under 45mins for a future 10km run.

Run Melbourne Race Leigh.PNG

12. What (mantras/sayings/thoughts) kept you motivated during the race? 

Best thing about fun-runs (unless you’re elite and leading the pack) is that there is always someone to chase. For the marathon in 2017 I fundraised and ran for Love Me Love You, a mental health & well-being foundation so throughout the almost 4 hours my focus was on keeping the legs ticking over for all of those who are living with a mental illness or those who’ve lost someone to a mental illness.

13. What are your top tips for people who are starting to long-distance run?

Anyone can do it. Start with small distances and don’t overexert yourself. My first run when I decided to enter the 2017 marathon was 11 months before & lasted for 2kms. I built from there. Entering fun-runs is also good as you’ve got something to aim for and have made the commitment to run. Break it up with you other favourite training and be sure to do plenty of prehab/rehab. I was foam rolling/stretching nightly for minimum half an hour for the marathon period and it was easy to do whilst watching TV. That combined with Alchemy’s offerings had me feeling like I could’ve gone for a 10km run 2 days after finishing the marathon.

14. Amazing! So what’s next?

Triathlons have always been a goal. Need to buy a bike and get a new pair of googles!

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